Month: April 2020

They’ve come a long way – to be confronted with an even longer licensure process in Germany: Syrian doctors in Germany

Tens of thousands of Syrian war refugees are currently being trapped between Turkey and Greece or interned in deplorable and dramatic conditions on Greek islands [1]. This drama painfully reminds us that the conflict in Syria continues to be the biggest driver of migration. Since 2015, hundreds of thousands of Syrian migrants have crossed into Europe. Syrians are now the third-largest group of people with a foreign nationality in Germany, and among Syrian immigrants, there are comparatively many well-educated and trained health care professionals, e.g. some 3,000-4,000 medical doctors [2]. Not all of them have fled their country as...

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Household chaos associated with a number of adverse child, parent, and family-level outcomes

Since the early 2000’s there has been growing interest in the phenomenon of household chaos and how it impacts on the well-being and development of children. Yet despite this interest, no review has been conducted that comprehensively brings the existing literature together. A systematic scoping review we have published in BMC Public Health aims to address this gap. What we found With remarkable consistency, increased chaos in a child’s home, defined as high levels of background noise (e.g. from TV), constant rushing, and environmental commotion and confusion, negatively impacted on almost every child outcome investigated, from cognitive and academic...

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Malaria during the COVID-19 pandemic

Malaria control efforts The 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in West Africa dealt a “heavy blow to malaria control efforts”. As a consequence, the number of patients with malaria went up then, which could also happen now. The impact of Ebola on malaria control was further discussed in a BugBitten blog post by Vera Unwin in 2015.  Examination of mosquito nets. Credit: Gabriel Ponce de León, M.P.H. / CDC Today, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting malaria control efforts, although the case numbers in Africa, the continent with the highest malaria burden, is still fairly low (17,578 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 916...

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International Women’s Day 2020 : Cebrating Southeast Asian women in research

Celebrating women in Asia. There are many remarkable Southeast Asian women who work in important areas in research institutions, governments, universities and pharmaceutical companies. This project aims to celebrate these amazing women and to inspire young women to take up careers in research and research-related fields. This is the last of the blog series that coincides with International Women’s Day 2020. In total, this blog series featured 12 amazing Southeast Asian women in research. Nguyen Thanh Ha Nguyen Thanh Ha has a Master’s Degree in Global Mental Health and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Public Health. She is...

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