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Moving towards universal health coverage: engaging non-state providers

Where you live in the world dramatically affects your access to essential health services – WHO Making sure people have access to health services is a challenge everywhere. In a country like Afghanistan – where infrastructure is missing, communities can be remote, safety concerns are ongoing, and trained staff are lacking – it is even more difficult. To overcome these challenges, the Afghan government contracts out a Basic Package of Health Services to large non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to deliver. Despite the importance of the relationship between governments and NSPs, we know relatively little about how countries have engaged NSPs towards the...

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Intermittent fasting: a promising approach to reset glucose metabolism?

A calorie-restricted diet has long been recognized and proven as a positive contributor to longevity and better metabolic health. For more than 50 years, experiments on rodents showed caloric reduction in diet could increase their longevity. Following studies on primates also had similar findings – monkeys given a calorie-restricted diet were healthier than their standard-calorie diet counterparts. Half a century has passed by, and here we are today, facing an epidemic of non-communicable diseases including diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and others. We know what would do us good – inputting fewer calories – which could easily be achieved by...

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Quiz: Public Health Weeks 2019

© Romolo Tavani / Fotolia As a leading open access publisher, BMC is advancing discovery with over 60 journals spanning the spectrum of public health – making public health research available to anyone, anywhere. We’ve rounded up a few of the most interesting topics and themes in recent public health research to put you to the test. Check out the quiz now! Your score:   Your ranking:...

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Sport research for development and peace

eclipse_images / Getty Images The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is an annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding. As International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach, regularly emphasizes, “sport is not just physical activity; it promotes health and helps prevent, or even cure, the diseases of modern civilization. It also is an educational tool which fosters cognitive development, teaches social behavior and helps to integrate communities.” Sport for development and peace Two studies underway in India (PAnKH and JIAH) are finding ways to...

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BMC Medical Ethics: Highlights of 2018

BMC Medical Ethics 2018 #FakeNews in Medical Research Recently popularized by a certain populist political figure the phrase ‘Fake News’ has entered the global public lexicon and is routinely weaponized in the arenas of internet debate. Hoffman presents a debate examining how, for controversial topics, some researchers can be biased towards publishing only positive conclusions whilst others only publish negative conclusions, even when these conclusions use the same data. The controversial topic for this debate is the efficacy of mammography screening in the detection of breast cancer.   The debate identified 8 manuscripts which studied mammography accuracy and then, through...

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