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Using social media in medicine to your advantage, with care!

Personal learning networks, remote learning and early access Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) has the power to facilitate global conversations about the latest medical practice and literature. It allows anyone to follow conferences remotely (but in real time), helps users develop professional networks and friendships and can consolidate information with colleagues at home and abroad. There are enumerate conferences and symposia to choose from these days, and that choice often becomes impossible due to the sheer diversity. Following attendees using meeting hashtags permits in real-time remote access to the meeting, viewed through their interest / opinion spectrum. Such...

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Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM): the new way to keep up-to-date

Old versus new media With the rapid expansion of digital media worldwide, it is unsurprising that the medical literature has followed suit. Although similarities exist, there are inherent differences between traditional, printed media and the new digital platform. The quality of traditional media is mediated by publishers, with peer reviewers selected from a pool of ‘experts’. Publishing via this route is expensive and access is limited to those paying the necessary subscription fees (limited receivers). Another aspect regularly debated and often objected to, is the time taken for information to reach readers. Once published and printed, articles available remain...

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World No Tobacco Day: Q&A with Mathieu Morissette and Riccardo Polosa

What is your background in relation to research on smoking? Prof Mathieu Morissette: I have an undergraduate degree in Microbiology and a PhD working on the mechanisms associated with apoptosis and oxidative stress in emphysema from Université Laval in Quebec City. I then completed post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Martin Stampfli at McMaster University investigating the mechanisms that trigger lung inflammation in response to smoking. I’m currently associate professor at the Department of Medicine of Université Laval and researcher at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute. My main research interests are oriented towards non-infectious lung damage, focusing on...

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